A List of Seminal Books

Many of these books have gone out of print, but some are coming back on small reprint presses

Title Author Publisher
Two of the most currently relevant texts:
Social Ethics: An Examination of 
American Moral Traditions
Betsworth, Roger G. Westminster/John Knox Press
Stages of Faith Fowler, James W. Harper Collins
How to determine what makes good science:
Science and Unreason Radner, Daisie &  Michael Wadsworth Publishing Company
Basic work on the existential approach to religion:
The Destiny of Man Berdyaev, Nicholas Harper Torchbooks
For non-fundamentalist & evangelists:
Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelism Marsden, George M. William B. Eerdsmans Publishing Co.
Essentials of Evangelical Theology, 
Vol. 1: God, Authority, & Salvation
Bloesch, Donald G. Harper & Row
The evolution of consciousness during the life of man:
The Five Ages of Man: 
The Psychology of Human History
Heard, Gerald Julian Press
A global view of sociology 
from the founder of the science:
The Crisis of Our Age Sorokin, Pitirim A. Dutton Paperback
Basic self-help books:
Towards a Psychology of Being Maslow, Abraham van Nostrand Insight
You Are Not the Target Huxley, Laura Archera Wilshire Book Company
The cutting edge of psychology:
Beyond the Brain Grof, Stanislav State University of New York Press
References and textbooks on ethics:
Moral Issues in Business Barry, Vincent Wadsworth Publishing Company
Applying Ethics: A Text with Readings Barry, Vincent & Olen, Jefferey Wadsworth Publishing Company
Business Ethics Stevens, Edward Paulist Press
The Morals Game Stevens, Edward Paulist Press

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