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Currently, I have one each artist's proof of the poster sized (22.5 x 30 inch) giclee prints on Somerset paper.  These are signed and have the botanic name penciled in instead if printed on as illustrated on the First Library Page.  They are not matted and will be shipped covered with plastic film and a Corex backing.  The price is $200 apiece (shipping is not included in this price).  If a print is ordered, I will update the inventory below within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Agastache coccinea
Bletilla ochracea
Camassia cusickii
Helleborus niger, white
Laeliocattelya Trick or Treat `Ault'
Lamium maculatum `Shell Pink'
Phalaenopsis Jean Belue
Plectranthus saccatus
Plectranthus saccatus (pale)
Pulmonaria saccharata `Mrs. Moon’
Pycnanthemum incanum

This list is current as of September 16, 2002

Printing new stock of giclee prints will take three weeks.  These will be a signed series of 100 prints with the botanical name printed in. 

All 20 pound paper prints will be available for shipping on demand within three working days.



Quarter Page
4.25 x 5.5 inches
20 pound & Somerset
Half Page
5.5 x 8.5 inches
20 pound & Somerset
Full Page
8.5 x 11 inches
20 pound & Somerset
22.5 x 30 inches
Somerset art paper only


20 pound
Somerset Art
Quarter Page
Half Page
Full Page
not available

Order Forms

ORDER FORMS for prints may be downloaded in several formats:

Print the form as a Web Page (simplest way, but poorest quality and non-editable):

Web page receipt form

An Adobe Acrobat PDF form can be downloaded and printed here:

Acrobat PDF order form

Get the Adobe Acrobat 6.0 reader from this site:

Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0

Zipped MS Word document (editable) and GIF image forms can be downloaded here:

MS Word and GIF order forms

You will have to extract the GIF and DOC files with StuffIt Expander, WinZip, PK Unzip, or some other archiving utility to access the files. 

For mailing back a hard copy, use one of the HTML, MS Word, PDF or GIF options.  To use the GIF file, place it as an image or picture in a word processor (Word, WordPerfect),  bitmap editor (Adobe Photoshop or PaintShop Pro), or slide/presentation program (PowerPoint), save the file, and print out.

For submission via e-mail attachment, use the MS Word file to enter desired items, save the file, and send.  I will also accept orders compiled in WordPerfect or on spreadsheets (Excel, QuattroPro).

Check with me before sending requests in other formats.  I have blank invoices in WordPerfect, Excel, and QuattroPro formats that I can send by email attachment.

Billing Information:

Make Checks Payable to:

Richard F. Dufresne
1216 Okeeweemee-Star Road
Star, NC  27356-7553

There are some ISP providers like AOL that refuse connections with (look for comments like Illegal Host on the return post).  To deal with this situation, send me either surface mail or call me by phone.  I will set up another e-mail account to handle these posts, probably with Yahoo or Hotmail.

Method of payment:  I do not take credit cards directly.  Money orders and wire transfers in US currency and checks drawn on United States accounts are acceptable, as is the use of PayPal.  When I get sufficient business, I will add billing by Visa and Mastercard.

The current method of making orders and payment is set up to allow customers to minimize shipping charges.  The shipping invoice included with the order represents the cost for the prints only.  I am developing a shipping charge formula to apply to orders that will allow total charges to be immediately determined.

Here is how the method works:

  • The customer sends me an email, surface mail, fax (call ahead), or phone order.  The customer hopefully uses one of the order forms provided below or emails me a list of wanted prints.
  • I confirm the availability of the prints by email, phone or fax, and we determine the best method to ship prints if not already specified.
  • I collect, prepare, pack, and ship the prints. At the end of the shipping day or during business hours the next day, I send the completed invoice with total charges as a WordPerfect or MS Word document or Excel spreadsheet by email attachment or fax, or phone in the complete price with shipping.  If needed, I provide the transit number or other details.
  • The customer promptly remits payment by check, money order, wire transfer, or PayPal.  Please note that you need to have or open an account with PayPal to use this service.  PayPal is a "payment network" designed to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers or small businesses, and is not an escrow service.  If you use PayPal for payment, please note that you will still have to send the detailed order separately.  I do not use PayPal Single Item Purchase or Shopping Cart utilities.  The only information I will get from PayPal is the notification and amount of payment you are forwarding to me 
To make a payment:

PayPal - Send Money

For more information on PayPal, go to these web sites:

Starting your free PayPal accountPayPal fee information

I appreciate feedback on the condition of the plants on arrival.

For those of you who want to place an order and pay immediately, I am currently working on an a priori shipping charge schedule, based on previous orders and on research of packing supplies and UPS/FedEx/USPS charges.  In the future, packing and shipping charges will be payable upfront with the order. 

Shipping is done on normal workdays.  I usually send by UPS ground, unless quicker delivery is requested   I  then will use 3-day or 2-day UPS or FedEx air for shipment beyond this area (the green zone on the map).  I will ship by US Postal Service on request. 

Anyone who has a commercial FedEx account can save on shipping charges by allowing me to bill to that account.

NOTE for Overseas customers:  Since the charges for conversion of foreign currency will often be more than the cost of the purchase, please make payment on some medium of exchange in US Dollars.

For more information on the prints, go to these pages:

Images and descriptions of the available prints are on my First Library page

Digital files of some images can be found on my Image Files for Sale page.

Shipping Zone Map for UPS from Greensboro, NC

UPS shipping ranges for next day, 2 day, 3 day, and air only

UPS delivers by ground to the area in green, of course.  I will do air deliveries to these areas unless the customer strongly expresses a preference for the ground method.  In third day areas, choice of ground versus air is a matter of customer preference.

Updated September 5, 2003

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