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Salvia africana (S. africana caerulea)
Salvia aurea (S. africana lutea)

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Salvia blepharophylla `Diablo’
Salvia blepharophylla `Dulces Nombres'
Salvia buchananii

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Salvia cacaliaefolia
Salvia canariensis
Salvia cardinalis (a form of S. fulgens)
Salvia chamaedryoides
Salvia chamelaeagnea
Salvia chiapensis
Salvia chionophylla
Salvia clevelandii `Aromas'
Salvia coahuilensis

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Salvia darcyi - see Salvia schaffneri
Salvia dentata
Salvia discolor
Salvia disermas
Salvia disjuncta
Salvia divinorum

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Salvia farinacea x longispicata  `Indigo Spires'
Salvia flava
Salvia forskaohlei (S. forskahlei, S. forsskaolii)
Salvia fulgens

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Salvia gesneraeflora  `Tequila'
Salvia glechomaefolia
Salvia guaranitica (old American form)
Salvia guaranitica  `Argentina Skies'
Salvia guaranitica  `Black & Blue'
Salvia guaranitica from Costa Rica
Salvia guaranitica x gesneraeflora `Purple Majesty'
Salvia holwayi

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Salvia greggii  `Dark Dancer
Salvia greggii  `Orange Yucca-Do'
Salvia greggii  `San Isidro Moon'
Salvia greggii x  `Raspberry Royale'
Salvia greggii x microphylla v. grahamii `Maraschino'

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Salvia involucrata var. bethelii
Salvia involucrata `Hadspen'
Salvia involucrata from Smith College
Salvia involucrata x  `Mulberry Jam'
Salvia iodantha from Huntington Botanical Garden
Salvia iodantha x  `Louis Saso'
Salvia iodantha from Southwest Native Seeds
Salvia x jamensis  `La Luna'
Salvia karwinskii x puberula

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Salvia lavandulifolia
Salvia leucantha  `Midnight'
Salvia leucantha aff.  `Waverly’
Salvia leucantha x elegans (rutilans) cv. `Anthony Parker’
Salvia littae
Salvia lycioides

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Salvia madrensis
Salvia melissodora Yucca-Do selection
Salvia mexicana cv. `Puerto de la Zorra’
Salvia muirii

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Salvia microphylla `La Trinidad'
Salvia microphylla `Wild Watermelon'
Salvia microphylla x greggii `Red Velvet'

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Salvia nemerosa x  `East Friesland'

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Salvia patens `Cambridge Blue'
Salvia penstemonoides
Salvia pratensis
Salvia pratensis  rubicunda
Salvia puberula from Hidalgo

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Salvia regla - Coahuila Mountain Tree Sage
Salvia regla - Hidalgo Mountain Sage
Salvia regla  `Mount Emory'
Salvia roemeriana

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Salvia schaffneri (S. darcyi, S. oresbia)
Salvia sclarea
Salvia scutellarioides
Salvia semiatrata
Salvia sinaloensis
Salvia species from Chiapas
Salvia species `El Cielo Blue'
Salvia species from Smith College (blue flowers)
Salvia splendens, peach colored

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Salvia tubifera

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Salvia uliginosa
Salvia urica (U C Berkeley selection)
Salvia vanhouttei (burgundy form)
Salvia vanhouttei (orange form)
Salvia villosa
Salvia wagneriana

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DELTA: DEscription Language for TAxonomy
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Tokyo Code), Electronic version 
International Organization for Plant Information

Organizing the taxonomy of the world's flora and fauna is an extremely complex task. The development of useable, let alone useful, botanic data bases requires an appropriate number of clearly defined search fields.  Since botany has been the poor stepsister of the physical sciences until recent times, there is a lot of reorganization and redefinition needed before the current systems of  terminology can be used for such projects.  The sites listed above represent much of the effort to this end.  Anyone seriously interested in the generation, publication, and compiling of botanical data will find these sites relevant to the usefulness of their work.

I've included them in my site as an aid to visitors who wish to bring matters to my attention or who wish to explore the intensity of involvment required by this task.

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