A new Salvia for 2016

Salvia greggii alba x involucrata is a hybrid from John Fisher of Australia which is similar to Mulberry Jam.  However, it is a much denser bush with many stems and fairly dense flower spikes.  It should be hardy in USDA zome 7b like its parents, but needs evaluation in gardens and test plots. I believe it will be best in full sun to light shade, with cool nights offering low humidity.

Bloom period should be similar to the parents, which flower during spring before hot summer days arrive and autumn when summer starts to cool down. In a Mediterranean climate, it might bloom all season long.

Flower spike of Salvia greggii x involucrata

Flower spike

Salvia greggii alba x involucrata stock plant

Stock plant indicating branching habit and density.  It needs to be evaluated in garden settings to determine stem strength and tightness of form.